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Navigate life with harmony, balance, direction

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Virtual sessions are a powerful way to renew commitments to ourselves by calming the mind and body. This allows us to reclaim our inner values and truths, the oars we use to navigate life.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed people change their life by taking the time to be with themselves, as they are. One seventy minute session has the power to redirect your life when you’ve gone off course or feel lost. All it takes is commitment from you: be present, be real, listen to yourself, and choose a life which has meaning for you.

Virtual sessions incorporate a variety of tools, these may include a gentle meditation, your own harmonizing touch at energy centers, feeling/visualizing a life of meaning, and/or diving into murky areas and discovering your deepest truths. My role is to guide and assist you through these, as needed.

I’ve spoken on my podcast about the Roots, Fruits & Seeds of the Mind, and how we choose what we sow from moment to moment. You may listen to the podcast on most apps, or on my other website. The podcast is called Lucidesse.

  • DEEP: Twelve 70 minute sessions ~ $1,200
  • CLEANSE: Five 70 minute sessions ~ $530
  • REVIVE: Three 70 minute Sessions ~ $330
  • SINGLE: One 70 minute session ~ $120

Please text/call Shelly Jenson @ 339.200.9340

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Visit my new website, an endeavor to assist the healing process through neuroplasticity, positivity, and soulful meaning. You’ll find information concerning both the science and the soul of healing into your future.

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