Energy Healing for the Mind

The words you speak become the house you live in.  ~ Hafiz

Our thoughts dictate our reality. If we spend our days listening to a barrage of negative, depressive, or angry thoughts, our reality looks like those thoughts. Yet we often feel powerless before the relentless hustle of our habitual mind: Do this! Do that! Do more! Do faster! Do better! DO DO DO!

At some point, it’s time to break this habit and quiet the mind, below all this chattering nonsense is stillness. And what’s within that stillness? The greatest mystery of this universe. You.

It’s time be. Just be, you. The you beyond your mind.

“The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master,” says an old Asian proverb, and how true it is for we are often under the control of our own mental servant ( and many times without our awareness!).

It’s also important to note that our mental state affects not only ourselves, but those close to us, those whom we love and cherish.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the last time I experienced a quiet mind?
  • When was I last able to feel stillness within myself?
  • When will I live beyond my ceaseless thoughts?

Energy healing relaxes habitual mind patterns, which often create depression, anxiety, anger, negativity, and the inability to feel peace and joy. I have been the beneficiary of, and witness to, the profound changes in psychology after energy healing. Some changes are as simple as gaining a new outlook on an old problem, while other changes are a complete shift in personality, leaving behind harmful mental habits/ideations, such as suicide. Energy healing also helps with psychological fears due to illness, trauma, or the chaos of a broken life.

Our psychological well-being is entwined with our physical and emotional well-being which is why Jin Shin Jyutsu is so powerful; it harmonizes all levels of our being, simultaneously! When the mind is peaceful, we see beyond the mind. 

  • DEEP: Twelve 70 minute sessions ~ $1,200
  • CLEANSE: Five 70 minute sessions ~ $530
  • REVIVE: Three 70 minute Sessions ~ $330
  • SINGLE: One 70 minute session ~ $120

Please text/call Shelly Jenson @ 339.200.9340

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