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The mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu

Life Elevated  ~ State of Utah Slogan

Salt Lake City is a city nestled between two gorgeous mountain ranges, the Wasatch Mountains and the Oquirrh Mountains.  The valley floor is a mineral basin of clay, sand, silt and bedrock that is thrust around by the powerful earthquakes that create the majestic mountains. The Salt Lake Valley is truly a unique place for it’s diversity in geography and if you love nature you will find plenty of it here!

There have been many native peoples, plants and animals who populated this valley for tens of thousands of years, with grasses so tall that you could barely see a person riding by on a horse, and the Utes, Shoshone, Paiute, Goshute, plus other natives, freely roamed the valley and mountains.

Energy healing is more prevalent than is commonly believed in Salt Lake City.  Jin Shin Jyutsu is becoming more prevalent in the Salt Lake Valley and will soon be one of the leading modalities due to it’s unique form of harmonizing all energies of the body.

Come enjoy the high altitude and abundant nature while receiving energy healing Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Life Elevated!   

  • DEEP: Twelve 75 minute sessions ~ $1,200
  • RENEW: Seven 75 minute sessions ~ $700
  • CLEANSEFive 75 minute sessions ~ $500
  • REVIVE: Three 75 minute Sessions ~ $300
  • SINGLE: One 75 minute session ~ $115
  • FIRST: One session full cost + one session discount~ $160

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