Michael Breitung Photography ~ Sunflowers ~ Germany
Michael Breitung Photography ~ Sunflowers ~ Germany
Sunflowers in Germany ~ Michael Breitung Photography

Real travel would be to see the world through another’s eyes.  ~ Robyn Davidson

I hold a Bachelors in Mathematics and a Masters in Plant Medicine. I am a certified Energy Healer, Yoga instructor and Dialogue Facilitator.

I am passionate about the ancient art of energy healing because I experienced deep transformation through the use of this art. The most profound aspect of energy healing is the discovery of personal truths and I now inspire others to discover their truths. I do not view my clientele as sick or broken, simply out of harmony.

I am open-hearted. open-minded, and respect every journey. I am your ally, your witness, your grounding and your support. I guide you toward your inner wisdom for I have learned that you know what is best for you.

If clientele have a challenging illness, I offer an opportunity to discover new ways of: viewing the situation, navigating the challenges, and finding solutions. The ability to find harmony in every situation increases as we increase our understanding of ourselves.

My mother studied energy healing for over thirty years and I follow in her footsteps…

  • DEEP: Twelve 70 minute sessions ~ $1,200
  • CLEANSE: Five 70 minute sessions ~ $530
  • REVIVE: Three 70 minute Sessions ~ $330
  • SINGLE: One 70 minute session ~ $120

Please text/call Shelly Jenson @ 339.200.9340

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