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Michael Breitung Photography ~ Sunflowers ~ Germany

Sunflowers in Germany ~ Michael Breitung Photography

Real travel would be to see the world through another’s eyes.  ~ Robyn Davidson

You may be disappointed to discover that I do not consider myself a miracle worker nor a healer.  Instead, I see my role as a peaceful conduit that listens to the unique pulses of your body and offers gentle touch which harmonizes your own natural rhythms. I hold a space of safety and complete privacy ensuring you are able to fully relax and ‘be present with all that each moment offers you.’  I am open hearted and open minded, without judgement, and with great respect for each individual journey; I do not assume I have walked in your shoes, I know that I have not.

I do not view my energy clientele as ‘sick’ but simply out of balance: out of harmony with their natural energetics.  It is my hope that the gentle touch of Jin Shin Jyutsu will restore your natural harmony so that you can navigate your life with more clarity and ease, and I practice this art in a manner so you will soon not need my support at all!  How wonderful, that as my client, you know you are on a path of independence and I am but a temporary support system!

And for those clients that have a serious illness, I do not presume that I will suddenly heal you but I offer you the opportunity to discover a new way of viewing your situation so that you can navigate the trials of your illness and make it the best situation possible.  I believe in living as healthy (physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually) as each situation allows, knowing there are often constraints…and I find that our ability to find harmony in every situation slowly evolves and increases as we grow in understanding and inner strength.

I have witnessed deep healing and transformations in many Jin Shin Jyutsu clients but I do not attest this to my abilities but rather to their inner wisdom and their ongoing dedication to listening and following their deepest intuitions. I am constantly encouraging as well as insisting that each person heal themselves by learning to hear the whispers, the promptings, of the universal wisdom that lies within each of us; by connecting with this quiet inner wisdom during energy healing sessions of Jin Shin Jyutsu, you will know what is best for you.  

I am your support, your ally, your witness, your grounding.  There may be a few moments when I feel I can offer guidance to a client, but I always leave it open for the client to choose whether to accept it or leave what I have shared.  My greatest hope is that my clients discover their inner wisdom and gain confidence to navigate the world on their own.

I also teach clients how to begin harmonizing themselves through the power of their own hands. My joy is watching others begin to empower themselves and become their own guru, with less ‘outer noise’ and more inner peace!

I have been studying and teaching various physical modalities for over twenty years and have been studying Jin Shin Jyutsu for five years. Due to a deeply traumatic experience that caused my own emotional, physical and psychological breakdown, I learned to heal myself through this ancient art; both with my own hands and the hands of other Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners. I have a deep passion for this ancient art because I have personally experienced the transformative power of this energy healing modality: Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I also carry a lineage of Jin Shin Jyutsu as my mother has been studying this ancient art for over 20 years. I follow in her footsteps…

Shelly ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu ~ Energy Healer, Salt Lake City

Shelly ~ Jin Shin Jyutsu ~ Energy Healer, Salt Lake City

  • DEEP: Twelve 75 minute sessions ~ $820
  • RENEW: Seven 75 minute sessions ~ $480
  • CLEANSEFive 75 minute sessions ~ $350
  • REVIVE: Three 75 minute Sessions ~ $210
  • SINGLE: One 75 minute session ~ $80
  • FIRST: One 75 minute session + one session free! ~ $90

Call or text Shelly @ 801.839.4647

Feel free to visit my other web site in which I blog about all manner of inner wisdom and healing:  Thoughtful Thursday.