Effortless Harmony

Harmonize Your Life

Energy healing is simple, it harmonizes energy.

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Energy Healing

Read a simple explanation of how energy creates and harmonizes your being.

Alternative Medicine

Over a decade of study with indigenous medicines and ceremonies, plus personal experience in jungles of Peru and Costa Rica.

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Science To Soul

With degrees ranging from Mathematics to Herbal Medicine, I am comfortable with the full spectrum of life, and clientele.

Energy Healing for Mind, Body, & Heart.

Discover your personal truths through the harmony of your mind, body, and heart.

Harmonize the Mind

Harmonize the Body

Harmonize the Heart

energy healing

What do first time clients experience?

Visit my new website, an endeavor to assist healing. You’ll find both science and soul, through neuroplasticity, positivity, and discovering meaning in your life.

Listen to my podcast where I explore every aspect of being and offer wisdom in areas which are often overlooked. From Closure Ceremony: A Healthy Goodbye, to Healing Into Your Future, I shine light into the dark confusion and bring clarity.

The podcast is called Lucidesse and can be found on most apps: Spotify, Apple, Google, etc.

  • DEEP: Twelve 70 minute sessions ~ $1,200
  • CLEANSE: Five 70 minute sessions ~ $530
  • REVIVE: Three 70 minute Sessions ~ $330
  • SINGLE: One 70 minute session ~ $120

Call or text Effortless Harmony: Shelly Jenson @ 970.369.9595

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